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Composite binding site formation

Binding of Protein TIFY 7 (TIFY7) to Coronatine-insensitive protein 1 (COI1), an F-box substrate recognition subunit of the SCF E3 ubiquitin ligase, depends on binding of the plant hormone jasmonate to COI1, as this pre-assembled complex provides a composite binding site for the degron motif in TIFY7. Subsequent ubiquitylation of TIFY7 by the SCF targets this transcriptional repressor for proteasomal degradation, a pre-requisite for the transcriptional response to jasmonate.

(2) Coronatine-insensitive protein 1 (COI1)
(3) Protein TIFY 7 (TIFY7)

This is a sequential switch. The interactions in this switch take place in a defined order. The order is defined by numbers to the left of each interaction. More than one interaction can occur in each step, these interactions occur independently but are necessary for future step
1Interaction #1 - COI1

(1) N-[(3R,7S)-(+)-7-iso-Jasmonoyl]-(S)-isoleucine in
(2) Coronatine-insensitive protein 1 (COI1)
2Interaction #2 TIFY7 - Interaction #1 - COI1

Requires Interaction #1 - COI1

(3) DEG_SCF_COI1_1 motif (221QARKASLARFLEKRKERL238) in Protein TIFY 7 (TIFY7)
(4) Interaction #1 - COI1

(1) A critical role of two positively charged amino acids in the Jas motif of Arabidopsis JAZ proteins in mediating coronatine- and jasmonoyl isoleucine-dependent interactions with the COI1 F-box protein.
Melotto et al. Plant J. (2008)

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