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Composite binding site formation

Binding of Vitronectin (Vtn) to integrin receptors depends on pre-assembly of Integrin alpha-V (Itgav)-Integrin beta-3 (Itgb3) heterodimers, since association of the integrin alpha and beta subunits results in the formation of a composite binding site for the RGD motif in the ligand.

(1) Integrin alpha-V (Itgav)
(2) Integrin beta-3 (Itgb3)
(3) Vitronectin (Vtn)

This is a sequential switch. The interactions in this switch take place in a defined order. The order is defined by numbers to the left of each interaction. More than one interaction can occur in each step, these interactions occur independently but are necessary for future step
2Interaction #2 Vtn - Interaction #1 Itgav - Itgb3

Requires Interaction #1 Itgav - Itgb3

(3) LIG_RGD motif (64RGD66) in Vitronectin (Vtn)
(4) Interaction #1 Itgav - Itgb3

(1) Integrin-linked kinase is required for vitronectin-mediated internalization of Streptococcus pneumoniae by host cells.
Bergmann et al. J. Cell. Sci. (2009)

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