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Binding of the PDZ domain of Disks large homolog 4 (DLG4) suppresses the ER-retention motif of Isoform 4 of Glutamate receptor subunit zeta-1 (GRIN1) in a splice variant-specific manner, thereby promoting cell surface expression of this particular isoform. This supports the hypothesis that local regulation of receptor exit from neuronal ER plays a role in modifying discrete synaptic receptor number.

(1) Isoform 4 of Glutamate [NMDA] receptor subunit zeta-1 (GRIN1)
(2) Disks large homolog 4 (DLG4)
(3) Coatomer subunit beta (COPB1)


(1) PDZ domain suppression of an ER retention signal in NMDA receptor NR1 splice variants.
Standley et al. Neuron (2000)

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