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Physicochemical compatibility

The GSK3-beta binding site at S12 in Estrogen receptor beta (ESR2) is primed by (most likely) RAC-alpha serine/threonine-protein kinase (AKT1). This enhances the binding of SUMO-conjugating enzyme UBC9 (UBE2I) at the adjacent Sumoylation site. This site is also primed at S6 (most likely) by AKT1. The addition of SUMO at K4 stabilises ESR2 as it prevents the ubiquitination at K4 (see switch details)

(1) Estrogen receptor beta (ESR2)
(2) Glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta (GSK3B)
(3) SUMO-conjugating enzyme UBC9 (UBE2I)

This is a sequential switch. The interactions in this switch take place in a defined order. The order is defined by numbers to the left of each interaction. More than one interaction can occur in each step, these interactions occur independently but are necessary for future step
1Interaction #1 ESR2 - GSK3B

(1) MOD_GSK3_1 motif (5NSPSSLNS12) in Estrogen receptor beta (ESR2)
(2) Protein kinase domain (56-340) in Glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta (GSK3B)

Interaction Regulation
PTM-dependent Induction (Phosphorylation of S12 on Estrogen receptor beta (ESR2)) of the Estrogen receptor beta (ESR2) MOD_GSK3_1 motif - Glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta (GSK3B) Protein kinase domain interaction

2Interaction #2 ESR2 - UBE2I

(3) ELM:MOD_SUMO_PHOS motif (4KNSP7) in Estrogen receptor beta (ESR2)
(4) Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme (8-152) in SUMO-conjugating enzyme UBC9 (UBE2I)

Interaction Regulation
PTM-dependent Induction (Phosphorylation of S6 on Estrogen receptor beta (ESR2)) of the Estrogen receptor beta (ESR2) MOD_SUMO_PHOS motif - SUMO-conjugating enzyme UBC9 (UBE2I) Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme interaction

Switch localisation
ELM curated: cytosol, nucleus

(1) Identification of estrogen receptor β as a SUMO-1 target reveals a novel phosphorylated sumoylation motif and regulation by glycogen synthase kinase 3β.
Picard et al. Mol. Cell. Biol. (2012)

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