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Type: Binary Subtype: Allostery

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Type: Binary Subtype: Allostery
The binding properties of a motif or a motif-binding domain are modulated indirectly by allosteric effects resulting from PTM or effector binding at a site that is distinct from the actual interaction interface.
RECO_BOVINMOD_NMyristoyl17Binding of calcium(2+) to Recoverin (RCVRN) results in a conformational change in Recoverin that makes the myristoyl moiety available for binding to the membrane.
KAPCA_HUMANMOD_NMyristoyl17Phosphorylation of cAMP-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit alpha (PRKACA) at S11 shifts the conformational equilibrium to the myristoyl-out conformation, making the myristoyl moiety available for interaction with the membrane.
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