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Alternative splicing removes the PDZ-binding motif of Glutamate receptor 2 (Gria2), abrogating binding to PRKCA-binding protein (Pick1). The presence of PDZ-binding motifs is also seen in the short isoforms of Gria3 (Isoform Flop of Glutamate receptor 3 (Gria3)) and Gria4 (Isoform 4C flop of Glutamate receptor 4 (Gria4)). PRKCA-binding protein (Pick1) recruits both Protein kinase C alpha type (Prkca) and Gria2 simultaneously, possibly allowing Pick1 to play a role in the selective targeting to and possible anchoring of GluRshort-containing AMPA receptors to intracellular membrane-associated Prkca.

(1) Glutamate receptor 2 (Gria2)
(2) PRKCA-binding protein (Pick1)

Interaction #1 Gria2 - Pick1

(1) LIG_PDZ_Class_2 motif (878IESVKI883) in Glutamate receptor 2 (Gria2)
(2) PDZ domain (Also known as DHR or GLGF) (22-105) in PRKCA-binding protein (Pick1)

Interaction Regulation
Alternative splicing Abrogation of the Glutamate receptor 2 (Gria2) LIG_PDZ_Class_2 motif - PRKCA-binding protein (Pick1) PDZ domain (Also known as DHR or GLGF) interaction


(1) The protein kinase C alpha binding protein PICK1 interacts with short but not long form alternative splice variants of AMPA receptor subunits.
Dev et al. Neuropharmacology (1999)

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