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Physicochemical compatibility

Phosphorylation of T350 adjacent to the clathrin-binding motif of Amphiphysin (AMPH) by CK2 subfamily inhibits binding to the Clathrin heavy chain 1 (CLTC). A second clathrin-binding motif in Amphiphysin (AMPH) is regulated in a similar manner (see switch details). Both these motifs cooperate in avidity-based binding to Clathrin heavy chain 1 (CLTC) (see switch details).

(1) Amphiphysin (AMPH)
(2) Clathrin heavy chain 1 (CLTC)

Interaction #1 AMPH - CLTC

(1) LIG_Clathr_ClatBox_1 motif (351LLDLD355) in Amphiphysin (AMPH)
(2) Clathrin propeller repeat (19-56) and (148-187) and (198-234) in Clathrin heavy chain 1 (CLTC)

Interaction Regulation
PTM-dependent Inhibition (Phosphorylation of T350 on Amphiphysin (AMPH)) of the Amphiphysin (AMPH) LIG_Clathr_ClatBox_1 motif - Clathrin heavy chain 1 (CLTC) Clathrin propeller repeat interaction

Regulatory Enzymes for switch
Modifying enzymes for residue: T350: CK2 subfamily


(1) Nerve growth factor-induced phosphorylation of amphiphysin-1 by casein kinase 2 regulates clathrin-amphiphysin interactions.
Döring et al. J. Neurochem. (2006)

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